Ingenuity in Residential Living

Ridgehouse Companies takes residential properties in emerging markets and transforms them into curated residential spaces. We take a forward-thinking approach, looking ahead to the dynamic possibilities that lie within the property. Each project is a push for the sake of community growth — building forward for prosperity tomorrow. 

A 3D rendering of one of Ridgehouse's residential properties. A photo of one of Ridgehouse's residential properties come to life.

Our Expertise

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Ridgehouse holds high-level, hands-on expertise in a range of residential development projects, from renovation of existing properties to creating new spaces from the ground up. We identify locations for investors to take pride in and for residents to elevate their lifestyles. 


Each Ridgehouse project is attuned to the needs of individual communities and strikes a lasting impression on all those who experience it. Ridgehouse Construction, a Ridgehouse Companies subsidiary, specializes in constructing wood-frame multifamily properties. Together, we maintain a commitment and drive to build to the highest standards — for both safety and longevity.


We strategically identify areas of high growth, seeking undervalued residential properties that can be reborn into something extraordinary. Ridgehouse’s in-house team works with government agencies, investors and more to obtain properties that will one day become flourishing residential communities.

Developments in Stride

We strive for efficiency in each project, conducting market research for economic feasibility and streamlining every step of construction and development.

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It Takes a Village

At Ridgehouse, our team members are a valuable asset to the residential development and construction process. From executives to project managers, our team has diverse talent contributions that allow us to continually maintain and expand our portfolio.

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